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Please do NOT leave your contest entries in this post. This is a permanant list of the books available and will be updated as they are claimed.

Updated: 9/12/12

The following books are currently up for grabs in my (mostly) weekly Foreign Edition Giveaway:

  • Rogue (UK) (x3)
  • Pride (UK) (x2)
  • Prey (UK) (x2)
  • Shift (UK) (x2)
  • Alpha (UK) (x2)
  • Blood Bound UK (Original cover)
  • Shadow Bound UK (x2)
  • Rogue (AU)
  • Pride (AU) (x2)
  • Prey (AU) (x2)
  • My Soul To Save (AU)
  • My Soul To Steal (AU)
  • My Soul To Save (UK) (x2)
  • If I Die (UK)
  • Before I Wake (UK) (x2)
  • My Soul To Keep (German – Halte Meine Seele) (x2)
  • My Soul To Take (Hungarian – Lelektolvajok) (x7)
  • My Soul To Take (Spanish – Toma Mi Alma)
  • My Soul To Take (Portuguese – Minha Alma Para Levar) (x2)
  • My Soul To Take (Vietnamese – No Than Bao Tu) (x4)
  • Rogue (Italian – Il Graffio della notte) (x2)
  • Pride (Italian – Graffio sulla pelle)
  • Prey (Italian – Graffio assassino)
  • Shift (Italian – Graffio sull’anima) (x2)
  • Stray (Swedish – Herrelös)
  • Rogue (Swedish – Nio Liv) (x2)
  • Pride (Swedish – Flocken) (x3)
  • Prey (Swedish – Bytet) (x2)
  • Shift (Swedish – Riven) (x3)
  • Alpha (Swedish – Sista Striden) (x3)
  • Stray (Finnish – Kissatyttö) (x2)
  • Rogue (Finnish – Saalistaja) (x2)
  • Pride (Finnish – Syytetty) (x3)
  • Prey (Finnish – Kaappaus) (x2)
  • Shift (Finnish – Myrskylinnut) (x3)
  • Alpha (Finnish – Usi Alfa) (x4)
  • Stray (Norwegian – Herreløs) (x2)
  • Rogue (Norwegian – Ni liv)
  • Pride (Norwegian – Flokken) (x4)
  • Prey (Norwegian – Byttet) (x2)
  • Shift (Norwegian – Opprevet) (x2)
  • Alpha (Norwegian – Den siste kampen) (x2)
  • Stray (Turkish – Serseri) (x6)
  • Stray (Hungarian) (x5) (hardback)

Some of my prize books.

More of my prize books.










I also have the following ARCs left over from past new-release giveaways. Because they are Advance Review Copies, they cannot be sold and may have typos and minor difference from the final versions. But I don’t need them, so I’m offering them up here as prizes as well:

  • ARC of My Soul To Take (US) (x2)
  • ARC of My Soul To Save (US) (x4) Note: This one has the original cover, before it was cropped for the final publication.


  1. abi

    August 6, 2012

    heyy.!!! Sorry!!! I coudn’t mail you earlier coz did not see my mails itself…. but still.. just replying you as I saw it… now!! :)

    • Rachel Vincent

      August 8, 2012

      I’m sorry, Abi, but I’m not sure what you’re talking about…

  2. Emily

    September 30, 2012

    Hiya, how do I sign up for these giveaways??

  3. Tori

    October 18, 2012

    Yeah, would love to know how to sign up for these bad boys! I love all your work, Rachel! Good luck the Top Secret book! :D

    • Rachel Vincent

      October 22, 2012

      I post a giveaway almost every week. You just have to check in every now and then to see it one’s going on. ;)

  4. Anon

    November 2, 2012

    oh my those books <3 how do we know if we've won?

  5. Random

    January 19, 2013

    Love how neat AND perfect your books are stored… even though they’re giveaways. What do I have to do to win a book? Do I enter some details and hope the saints have come to earth, or do I write a short story or something?! Please tell me or I am going to do somersaults and crush my skull, everytime… ;) PLEASE!!!

  6. Alicia

    November 7, 2013

    Omg! I love these books so much! I got my friend hooked on Soul Screamers, we are on the third volume and can’t wait till’ April to get them <3

  7. AnnMary

    January 26, 2014

    Hey Rachel,
    I’ll like to have the UK Rogue Novel and any other UK Books you have available. I love your books !!! ;-)

    • Rachel Vincent

      January 26, 2014

      The way that works is that if/when you win a giveaway, you tell me which book you’d like. ;)

      • Natalie

        December 24, 2014

        I love all your books I have only had to the chance to borrow them from the library but I would love some for my own I am have borrowed them over 20 times I can’t get enough thank you for blessing me with amazing books to read

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