1. Rachel Vincent

    Tod/d is out in Germany!

    As it turns out, “Reaper” is out as an e-novella in Germany! They’re calling it “Todd,” most likely because Tod spelled with one D means “death” in German (which was intentional on my part), which would make things confusing in the story. I suspect they’ve spelled his name with two...
  2. Rachel Vincent


    I am unplugging from the internet almost entirely for the next two weeks, in order to concentrate on a new project which is very important to me and to spend time with my family. During that time, I will not be tweeting actively or posting actively on Facebook, Formspring, or...
  3. Rachel Vincent

    Tod thanks you!

    Thanks so much to everyone who voted for Tod in the YA Crush Tourney yesterday. He was definitely the underdog, so it’s no surprise that he didn’t win, but I think you guys all made him proud. And thanks so much to Smiling_Ina, who championed him! If you voted for...
Rachel Vincent
I am a writer and a fantasy/ horror fan. I am married to my No 1. fan, mother to two brilliant teens/tweens (code names: Melody & Maestro), and slave to two spoiled cats (Nyx & Cleo). Welcome to my blog!Rachel Vincent



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