1. Rachel Vincent

    UNINVITED giveaway!

    In case you haven’t heard, Sophie Jordan’s new YA Uninvited came out yesterday! I read it several months ago and blurbed the book (my quote is on the back!!!) and I think you should all read it to! Sophie was kind enough to donate a copy for a giveaway, so...
  2. Rachel Vincent

    Lux giveaway!

    Tomorrow, I’m off to a writer’s retreat, where I will try to get massive amounts of work done over the period of about a week, surrounded by writer friends. Last year, the retreat was very productive for me–that’s when I wrote the first big chunk of Menagerie–and I’m hoping this...
  3. Rachel Vincent

    FOREPLAY giveaway!

    I have two things to celebrate today! I finally turned in Menagerie! If you’re not sure what that is, click here. My friend Sophie Jordan has a new book out this week! It’s a New Adult book called Foreplay, and I’ve read it, and it’s awesome! How am I celebrating?...
Rachel Vincent
I am a writer and a fantasy/ horror fan. I am married to my No 1. fan, mother to two brilliant teens/tweens (code names: Melody & Maestro), and slave to two spoiled cats (Nyx & Cleo). Welcome to my blog!Rachel Vincent



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