In case you didn’t see it on one of the awesome blogs hosting today’s cover reveal, here is the front cover of LION’S SHARE (Wildcats Book 1), along with the back cover and blurb!

Lion's Share Final Lion's Share backcover

The cover concept is mine, and the cover design and art were done by Killswitch Media. For anyone who doesn’t know, Killswitch Media has one employee. He also happens to be my husband. I think he’s kind of awesome.

Coming from traditional publishing (and I intend to STAY with traditional publishing; I’m indie-pubbing Wildcats on the side), I’ve only ever gotten to come up with my own cover art once before, with “Hunt,” the short story that bridges the Shifters and Wildcats series.

Hunt Hi res for Amazon

The “Hunt” cover came first, and when we got ready to make a cover for LION’S SHARE, we knew from my experience in traditional publishing that we needed to accomplish a few different things with the covers.

  • Branding. We want the Wildcat books to be as easily distinguishable as a “Rachel Vincent” book as the Shifters books were/are.
  • Association with the Shifters series. We want the two series to look connected. Because they are. We (hopefully) accomplished this with the blocky white titles and “cat features.”
  • Differentiation from the Shifters series. We want the two series to look different. Because they are. We (hopefully) accomplished this by putting a couple on LION’S SHARE, to indicate that it’s a romance, rather than strictly an urban fantasy. We also used more muted colors.
  • Continuity. Rather than the leopard/tiger print that marked every Shifters cover, for continuity on the Wildcats covers, we’re using “shifted” eyes (which we shamelessly stole from the Rogue cover, my favorite!) and claw marks.

For comparison, here’s Rogue:

>Can you spot the difference?

As a bridge story, “Hunt” has aspects of both series. Single female cover model. Shifted eyes. Blocky white cover in the Wildcat’s style.

Those of you who buy from places other than Amazon, fear not! LION’S SHARE is coming soon to all those other places!