Aug 10

iPhones, swimming pools, and couscous do not mix

Depending on how long you’ve been reading my blog, you might already know that I’m a bit accident prone. For instance, there was The Great Bleach Bubble Disaster of 2007. And The Great Feather/Vacuum Cleaner Disaster of ’06. And the time I sprained two fingers folding laundry. And the time I stepped in gum, and managed to get it all over both pedals in my car.


Then there was the time I almost didn’t make it home from BEA, which wasn’t really my fault, but definitely qualifies as a disaster.

But yesterday, I topped all of those. Yesterday, I went swimming with my iPhone. Because I am an idiot.

How did this happen? I had my phone tucked into the waistband of my board shorts because:

  • I’m rarely more than a room away from my phone.
  • My swimsuit has no pockets.
  • I don’t carry a purse.
  • I am stupid.

I stepped into the pool intending to float for a while to try to relax and was already sternum deep before I remembered I still had my phone on me. I got out immediately, but it was too late. My eight-month-old iPhone4 had been completely submerged. It was dead.

I took my phone home and began an internet search for iPhone first aid, and the most common solution seemed to be burying the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. Which my sister did when her son dropped his phone in the toilet. (Yuck!) Unfortunately, No. 1 had made stir-fry the night before, and we were all out of rice. So I used couscous.

Here is a picture of my phone, entombed in a Ziplock bag of uncooked couscous.


My poor phone. I’ve taken it out several times to check, but there’s still water behind the camera flash lens, and now there’s couscous in all my phone’s orifices. That must be the electronic equivalent of getting sand beneath your bikini, don’t you think?

As of this morning, my phone is still dead. The notes I took in bed two nights ago (about how to finish this new YA) are inaccessible. I hope that neither the pool water nor the couscous has ruined my sim card, because all my contacts and notes are…well, they’re important to me.

And before anyone asks, no, I’ve never backed up my phone, though I do have most of the pictures (because I tend to email them to myself) and all of the music, on iTunes. And no, I didn’t buy the Apple Care. Because I thought I would never be dumb enough to go swimming with my phone. Obviously, I underestimated my own capacity for stupidity.

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